Advance Your Healthcare or Pharmaceutical Career with the James Lind Institute

The James Lind Institute (JLI) is a European online Master of Science in Health Management program, specifically for those who want to advance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. You can sign up for the JLI globally-accredited programs that will boost your knowledge and career.

With JLI, you can improve your skill sets and gain additional qualifications. Each module of the online programs gives you a certain number of credits. JLI has learner-friendly technology that constantly evolves to deliver what the students need.

Getting Started at JLI

The e-campus is available online 24/7, so you can complete your courses at your own convenience.

The online Orientation Section will help you get off on the right foot. There you will find:

* Details of your personal account
* Guidelines for submitting your assignments
* Sample projects
* Assessment methods
* And other important overview issues

After logging in, you will see your study lessons and modules. They will have:

* Audio-visual presentations
* Interactive documents
* Videos
* Podcasts
* Additional reading assignments
* And more

You can view and review the course material as many times as you want. Most modules are followed by multiple-choice question test, which you can begin as soon as you feel you understand the material in the module.

Each lesson has a discussion forum where you can ask and respond to questions, share useful materials, and participate in discussions led by instructors. Additionally, you can private message your questions to the faculty. You will find this messaging system in your personal account.

For technical issues, you have access to an online chat support system that will instantly provide you with a support you need.

About the Courses at JLI

In the tradition of the famous Scottish physician John Lind (, the institute provides training in these five broad categories of subjects:

[1] There are many courses within the field of Clinical Development Sciences:

Phases of clinical research (
* Ongoing Monitoring of drug safety
* Managing clinical trial data
* Issues regarding regulatory affairs
* Document writing of the entire clinical research process

[2] In the area of Public Health and Tropical Medicine you will learn about:

* Promoting health in general
* Improving average life-spans
* Disease preventing
* Combating infectious disease epidemics
* Developing and implement strategies and policies for improving healthcare
* How to provide a high level of care at small or large healthcare facilities
* Public health and healthcare management
* Tropical medicine
* And online classes in other topics critical for public health infrastructure

[3] The Pharmaceutical Medicine courses will provide you with:

* An overview of the drug and medical device development process
* A thorough understanding of research methodologies
* How existing therapies can be reexamined with further research and development

[4] The Medical Communication and Journalism topics cover these concepts:

* Science writing: How to explain complex ideas
* Science journalism: How to provide the public with a well-balanced and objective perspective
* Helping different audiences get scientific information in their language

[5] The Social and Environmental Sciences encompasses:

* Studying the relationships between humans and the environment
* Environmental studies include the understanding of social relationships, different aspects of life and policies regarding environmental protection.
* Occupational Health and Safety Management

In addition to offering courses on these topics, JLI offers tutoring, study advice, online job search and a verification of certification directory.