Be A Certified Portfolio Manager With PFMP Training

About Portfolio Management

It is the application of management operations to a number of projects or programs or operations to achieve strategic business objectives. That is, portfolio management is not just ensuring profits but consistently bind the projects within the portfolio. This makes it work in a cycle to achieve major goals of the organization. A Portfolio manager must have the skills required to maintain different aspects or a project such as cost, time and resources etc by using the best practices of portfolio management. The PFMP training helps you to monitor and manage more than one portfolio seamlessly. The Portfolio management professional certification PFMP is a globally considered credential which also gives the participants an edge over the non-certified counterparts.

The project management classes provide the candidates the skills that are needed to become a successful portfolio manager. In addition, participants will also gain an in-depth knowledge on project portfolio management. Participants will learn about the techniques of Portfolio management and provide the ability to manage complex portfolios across sectors and technologies.

The portfolio management is one of the effective ways to apply strategic initiatives. This is because it fills the gap between the implementation and strategy. It is found that most of the products of the organizations that are effective in portfolio management meet expected ROI. It helps the portfolio managers to align projects, operations, and programs with strategic objectives, investing resources in the correct job to deliver the expected value.

The Portfolio Management Professional signifies the advanced capability in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to get the strategic objectives. As a result, organizations that have mature project portfolio management observe a complete success on most of their projects. The fall of the projects is less and it saves the money of the organization to a greater extent.

By taking training on PFMP participants will learn about

  • The basics of portfolio management and the benefits of portfolio management
  • Portfolio strategic alignment
  • Portfolio governance
  • Portfolio performance
  • The Portfolio risk management
  • And portfolio communication management
  • Understand the whole process of project portfolio management
  • Understand how portfolio management contributes to organizational success
  • Learn about the benefits of portfolio management
  • Understand about stakeholder management techniques
  • Understand how best to identify and apply a selection criterion to project portfolio components
  • Understand the strategic planning process, tools, and techniques
  • Formulate effective project portfolio reports
  • Learn about change and cost management techniques

Who can learn PFMP?

This is perfect for experienced project and program managers those who are seeking to improve his or her ability to manage and support their organization’s project portfolio. This is also suitable for professionals such as

  • VPs
  • AVPs
  • PMO and PMO consultants
  • And by professionals those who are leading large-scale programs or projects in an organization

On taking PFMP training, participants will be able to work on PFMP applications and able to use tools that are based on portfolio strategies and techniques.