Advance Your Healthcare or Pharmaceutical Career with the James Lind Institute

The James Lind Institute (JLI) is a European online Master of Science in Health Management program, specifically for those who want to advance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. You can sign up for the JLI globally-accredited programs that will boost your knowledge and career.

With JLI, you can improve your skill sets and gain additional qualifications. Each module of the online programs gives you a certain number of credits. JLI has learner-friendly technology that constantly evolves to deliver what the students need.

Getting Started at JLI

The e-campus is available online 24/7, so you can complete your courses at your own convenience.

The online Orientation Section will help you get off on the right foot. There you will find:

* Details of your personal account
* Guidelines for submitting your assignments
* Sample projects
* Assessment methods
* And other important overview issues

After logging in, you will see your study lessons and modules. They will have:

* Audio-visual presentations
* Interactive documents
* Videos
* Podcasts
* Additional reading assignments
* And more

You can view and review the course material as many times as you want. Most modules are followed by multiple-choice question test, which you can begin as soon as you feel you understand the material in the module.

Each lesson has a discussion forum where you can ask and respond to questions, share useful materials, and participate in discussions led by instructors. Additionally, you can private message your questions to the faculty. You will find this messaging system in your personal account.

For technical issues, you have access to an online chat support system that will instantly provide you with a support you need.

About the Courses at JLI

In the tradition of the famous Scottish physician John Lind (, the institute provides training in these five broad categories of subjects:

[1] There are many courses within the field of Clinical Development Sciences:

Phases of clinical research (
* Ongoing Monitoring of drug safety
* Managing clinical trial data
* Issues regarding regulatory affairs
* Document writing of the entire clinical research process

[2] In the area of Public Health and Tropical Medicine you will learn about:

* Promoting health in general
* Improving average life-spans
* Disease preventing
* Combating infectious disease epidemics
* Developing and implement strategies and policies for improving healthcare
* How to provide a high level of care at small or large healthcare facilities
* Public health and healthcare management
* Tropical medicine
* And online classes in other topics critical for public health infrastructure

[3] The Pharmaceutical Medicine courses will provide you with:

* An overview of the drug and medical device development process
* A thorough understanding of research methodologies
* How existing therapies can be reexamined with further research and development

[4] The Medical Communication and Journalism topics cover these concepts:

* Science writing: How to explain complex ideas
* Science journalism: How to provide the public with a well-balanced and objective perspective
* Helping different … Read More



The schools have reopened and the new sessions have started. The new sessions and the new school curriculum require different books to be followed by the students. The CBSE schools follow NCERT text books for their students. The NCERT textbooks are well equipped with sufficient knowledge that needs to be gained by the student. These NCERT textbooks are available for students from class V to class XII. Chemistry is one of the vital subjects for the class XII science students. The NCERT chemistry textbook comes in a set of two parts and are followed by the students in almost all CBSE schools. The chapters in the NCERT chemistry book of class 12 also clash with the syllabus of various entrance examinations including JEE Mains and AIPMT.


However with the increasing number of students in different schools, the demand for all these textbooks has been increasing exponentially. This has also led to the shortage of textbooks in several instances. These shortages generally occur since the production of textbooks takes place in a limited quantity by NCERT. This has been one of the major woes among the parents and the students at the starting of every new session. Another major problem is that the books are often found in damaged condition.

 To ensure a good copy of the Class XII Chemistry NCERT Textbook on the desktop before the starting of the new session, the student or the parents should depend on some reliable sources. However one can get his/her piece of Class XII NCERT Chemistry textbook through the following ways:


One can find NCERT textbooks at every local book stores down the streets. These book stores generally maintain a large buffer stock of NCERT textbooks before the starting of sessions. But this stock gets sold out real fast. So the students should get to the store as soon as possible which could may be even before the starting of the sessions and get the book before the stocks get sold out. One can also ask the book store owner to reserve a copy of the textbook so that you can get it whenever you want. The local book stores may also provide discounts on the books if the customer buys books in bulk.


There are a number of shopping sites that provide the students with the NCERT textbooks. A number of sites including ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart provide the customers with NCERT textbooks. The textbooks are also available at great deals especially during the discount sales. The books that are bought from online shopping sites can also be returned if the book is damaged.


The book fairs generally have a number of stalls where the students can get the NCERT text books. Even NCERT puts up its own stall at the book fair and sells the books at discounted prices. The prices can be checked at various stalls to get the book at … Read More

Education Policy Analysis Archives

educationWith the internet, universal access to education is achievable, but its prospective is hindered by increasingly restrictive copyright laws and incompatible technologies. Folks who claim that sex education in schools have much more cons than pros, usually come up with the statements suggesting that sex education in classroom ought to be avoided simply because the most successful tool for supplying sex education, according to them is Tv, films, magazines and media.

The contents of this website might not be reproduced partially or completely, with out due permission from Department of Education and Sports, Govt. This natural reaction can not in any way be associated to the outcome of sex education in schools. Therefore sex education is fundamentally a warning and a caution for such kids who are stepping into the phase of life exactly where they would require to know all this. Teachers want to meet educational requirements and stick to a specified curriculum, which can make it challenging for them to incorporate nontraditional content material. Department of Education and Sports, Government of Maharashtra is supplying these hyperlinks and pointers solely for your information and convenience. Here’s what can take place when we bring education on-line … and open it up to anyone.

You can assume that classroom-based teachers have a specific level of instruction in educational philosophy, efficient teaching techniques, classroom management, and content material. Education Commission of the States is the trusted source for complete knowledge and resources on hundreds of education policy problems. Sex education in schools does not in any way provides them an invitation to have open sex by creating them conscious of the risks it just educates them about the matter in the greatest way.

Some of the most valued educational resources obtainable are all the books , music and videos functions that belongs to Public Domain and had been written or recorded (on audio or video formats, most of them are preserved on internet archive site. In fact, the greatest time for letting sex education play its part is when the sexual urge increases and the teenagers want to find a supply for its satisfaction. UNESCO gives international and regional leadership in education, strengthens education systems worldwide and responds to contemporary international challenges via education with gender equality an underlying principle. International students participate at each and every level of our education program, from early childhood education by means of to PhD study at universities. The Enlightenment saw the emergence of a a lot more secular educational outlook in Europe. At the end of the post, you are going to also find a handful of inspiration quotes about volunteering and neighborhood service.

Data-driven cognitive technologies will enable personalized education and boost outcomes for all. Folks participated in NOAA supported informal education applications that boost stewardship and promote informed choice creating in FY15. Therefore, several sexual issues that take place in adulthood can be controlled if successful and apt sex education is offered at the proper time. An professional in education talks about race … Read More

Madison College Of Education

educationEducation Pioneers recruits, develops, and connects specialists from diverse backgrounds to resolve problems from outside of the classroom so students and teachers succeed inside of the classroom. Offer educational possibilities and facilities to students with disabilities in the common education program at the secondary level (classes IX to XII). Applications such as the International Baccalaureate have contributed to the internationalization of education. Larger education is as a result really essential to national economies , each as a considerable market in its own right, and as a source of educated and educated personnel for the rest of the economy. Open Educational Sources (OER) are teaching, studying, and study materials in any medium that reside in the public domain or have been released below an open license that permits their totally free use and re-purposing by others. Bringing education leaders collectively from across the aisle and across states, our gatherings offer possibilities to interact, find out and collaborate. All over the globe, there is developing consensus that our education systems are broken.

Faculty and employees across UW-Madison’s College of Education are dedicated to the Wisconsin Thought, the principle that the university should help improve people’s lives beyond the classroom. PreK-12 students participated in NOAA supported formal education applications that enhance understanding and use of NOAA science and other resources in FY15. The European Age of Empires saw European tips of education in philosophy, religion, arts and sciences spread out across the globe. We perform to bring you educational resources and possibilities that support NOAA’s mission of science, service, and stewardship.

Individuals, who are against the notion, repeatedly state the question that why sex education is offered so significantly value when there are also several other issues connected with juvenile delinquencies such as drugs, drinking and aggressive bullying.

The contents of this web site could not be reproduced partially or totally, without having due permission from Division of Education and Sports, Govt. This all-natural reaction can not in any way be associated to the outcome of sex education in schools. Hence sex education is fundamentally a warning and a caution for such youngsters who are stepping into the phase of life where they would require to know all this. Teachers want to meet educational requirements and stick to a specified curriculum, which can make it challenging for them to incorporate nontraditional content material. Department of Education and Sports, Government of Maharashtra is providing these links and pointers solely for your details and comfort. Here’s what can take place when we bring education online … and open it up to anyone.

The higher education method needs a fundamental transformation driven by three crucial strategies: much more practical and applied curricula, new technologies and expand relationships among greater education institutions, employers and partners within educational ecosystems.… Read More


educationPerforming neighborhood service is a worthy endeavor that brings individuals and communities closer together and improves the wellness of these volunteering their time and effort. Postsecondary students were trained in NOAA-related sciences by means of NOAA-funded higher education applications that prepare students for profession paths at NOAA and related organizations in FY15. Folks contradicting the notion insist that sex education usually makes the learners have sex and expertise it personally, once they find out about it in school. In most developed countries a high proportion of the population (up to 50%) now enter larger education at some time in their lives.

Individuals, who are against the notion, repeatedly state the question that why sex education is offered so much importance when there are also several other issues connected with juvenile delinquencies such as drugs, drinking and aggressive bullying.

Emerging approaches anxiety the value of understanding the political economy of the marketplace for LCPS, specifically how relationships of energy and accountability among customers, government, and private providers can produce far better education outcomes for the poor.

An extra benefit of developing materials for informal educational settings is that they might be helpful to parents at residence with their children, or to adult learners who are looking to expand their knowledge, either for their own enrichment or to boost their profession options.

Whilst implementing the intervention, activities has been taken like, Identification of CWSN, Healthcare Assessment and Rehabilitation Assistance Services, Educational Help Solutions and so forth. I hope, that you will be able to offer me with a positive help so that, I can purse my greater education. Many folks advocate that sex education ought to only be restricted to households, that is, that parents must personally educate their youngsters. The Scheme of Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) was launched throughout 2009-ten and replaces the earlier scheme of Integrated Education for Disabled Kids (IEDC). Sex education covers the education of relationships, sexual abstinence at a certain level and teaching to practice safe sex to the level of children who are thought to be sexually active.… Read More