How to Make a Good and True Article

Stages Creating Articles is a must Qualified, Keyword research, article format, SearchReference, Understanding Relevant content, Long Tail keywords, Search engine optimization (SEO),Determining target, Vocabulary/sentence, Having paragraph, LSI keyword my essay typer  .

Keyword research

Doing keyword research and keyword research is relatively important, especially if we plan to make a good article in the design also published by other authors.

For example, suppose you plan on designing an article about “qualified article steps,” and you do not understand whether the keyword has many and small search volumes.

Article Framework

Creating an article framework is a necessary element to the article does not shift away from the predefined theme. This section can be used as the most accurate way so that the article is easy to do and have relevance along with the title or the design of articles that have been planned previously.

Looking for references

Reference is a part derived from the formation of an article framework. Why? Because of the very small possibility of our article having a 100 pure inspiration without reference/reference readings that have been available before. The idea of ​​an article can be formed due to some factors. That is, what we read, what we feel, what we hear and that we know.

In order for articles to have enough weight, we need to read more information according to fill the discussion.

Understand the contents

Good writing and easy to understand is a post written by the author who mastered or understood the way the contents of his article. Quality articles have fill in more detail, clear, deep, and easy to understand. Effects like this can only be in the application right by someone who mastered the topic/theme of his article.


Having relevant articles is a necessary part of some aspects of quality determinants of an article content. The relevance of an article includes a necessary section as a ranking of articles in search engines.

If you write an article then you need to do the development of the keyword. Do not until the article you make just widened beyond the topic/theme.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords termed as LTK. This technique I predicted his future becomes really important because it can be used to attract the attention of prospective readers. Impacts Long tail keywords are good to bring the impact of blog traffic doubled from the usual.

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Doing google search engine optimizers are good and also true is one part of the important enough part. Why not, if we do google On-Page search engine optimization and also the proper Off-page search engine, then the article will have a chance of being marked as your quality articles on google.

Researching Target and Vocabulary

Researching the target visitors and vocabulary is also important because you can determine the exact vocabulary, spelling words and well-connected sentences to be more appealing to web visitors. It is also related to the UX system that has been discussed in the discussion before this.

Therefore, it is most important to sort the target web visitor’s content on your website from now on. Accurate target visitors can make it easy for web owners to understand, organize the pattern of site content.