What happens after clearing the IAS exams?

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the most coveted and prestigious services in the country. It takes a lot of hard work and preparations to clear the IAS Exams. Aspirants prepare for months sometimes years to appear for these examinations. Clearing these exams is really an accomplishment.

IAS Officers handle Government affairs and their job involves drafting and implementation of policy, representing the Government in International forums, developmental functions at district levels, law and order and general administration.

Let us know what happens once we have cleared the IAS Exam, both Prelims and Mains.

Foundation Training

Once you have cleared the exams training is conducted by the Government of India known as the Foundation Course. The training is done in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussorie. This is a training facility operated by the Government of India meant for research and training on public policy and public administration in India. The foundation Training is given to the probationers of the All India Services, IAS, IFS, IPS and other Central Services of the country. The training constitutes the understanding of the basic understanding of the constitutional, legal, socio-economic and political framework of the country. This training lasts for 15 weeks. Post Foundation Training the trainees go on a two month tour of the country- ‘Bharat Darshan’.

IAS Professional Training Phase I

In the first phase of the professional training the probationers are trained on real job skills. The learning is mostly practical and application oriented. This training phase lets the trainees study the diversity and challenges faced in the country. It also aims at developing the professional skills in the trainees to be able to handle the responsibility that comes with the position. This training is for 26 weeks.

District Training

The most significant part of the IAS Training is the District Training where the trainees are given thorough training on the different aspects of administration at the district levels. The trainees are given assignments based on the different field studies of the district. District training also provides the basis of a range of opportunity to study the administrative set-up, their representatives, the people, challenges and opportunities.

IAS Training Phase II

The second phase of the professional training is more of a consolidation of all the learning and experiences that the trainees gain over the initial phases of the training in a more structural and practical form. They also get special sessions with eminent personalities from within and out of the Government.

The training imparted to the IAS Trainees is not limited to lecture halls and assignments. They are sent on treks, visit and stay in distant backward villages, they are encouraged to develop interests and proficiency in hobbies of their choice and they are encouraged to participate in several cultural and societies to promote and express creative potentials.

A typical day of a trainee starts at 5:30 am with morning exercise or an hour. Classroom lectures starts at 9 am which is a structured learning of academic sessions of about 55 minutes each. Evenings are mostly spent on sports, riding activities and interacting with fellow trainees.