The schools have reopened and the new sessions have started. The new sessions and the new school curriculum require different books to be followed by the students. The CBSE schools follow NCERT text books for their students. The NCERT textbooks are well equipped with sufficient knowledge that needs to be gained by the student. These NCERT textbooks are available for students from class V to class XII. Chemistry is one of the vital subjects for the class XII science students. The NCERT chemistry textbook comes in a set of two parts and are followed by the students in almost all CBSE schools. The chapters in the NCERT chemistry book of class 12 also clash with the syllabus of various entrance examinations including JEE Mains and AIPMT.


However with the increasing number of students in different schools, the demand for all these textbooks has been increasing exponentially. This has also led to the shortage of textbooks in several instances. These shortages generally occur since the production of textbooks takes place in a limited quantity by NCERT. This has been one of the major woes among the parents and the students at the starting of every new session. Another major problem is that the books are often found in damaged condition.

 To ensure a good copy of the Class XII Chemistry NCERT Textbook on the desktop before the starting of the new session, the student or the parents should depend on some reliable sources. However one can get his/her piece of Class XII NCERT Chemistry textbook through the following ways:


One can find NCERT textbooks at every local book stores down the streets. These book stores generally maintain a large buffer stock of NCERT textbooks before the starting of sessions. But this stock gets sold out real fast. So the students should get to the store as soon as possible which could may be even before the starting of the sessions and get the book before the stocks get sold out. One can also ask the book store owner to reserve a copy of the textbook so that you can get it whenever you want. The local book stores may also provide discounts on the books if the customer buys books in bulk.


There are a number of shopping sites that provide the students with the NCERT textbooks. A number of sites including ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart provide the customers with NCERT textbooks. The textbooks are also available at great deals especially during the discount sales. The books that are bought from online shopping sites can also be returned if the book is damaged.


The book fairs generally have a number of stalls where the students can get the NCERT text books. Even NCERT puts up its own stall at the book fair and sells the books at discounted prices. The prices can be checked at various stalls to get the book at a lower price. But it should be noted that the price of the Chemistry NCERT Class XII is quite genuine and the shopkeepers hinder to provide discounts on the books.


The customers should be careful so that they do not buy a fake copy from any shopkeeper or even online because these may contain several misprints and may even be priced higher. So the students should check the genuine hologram of NCERT on the books before proceeding to buy the book.