Learn more about education in Thailand

Thailand, a country of nearly 70 million people, has a system education similar to that applied in other countries in Southeast Asia, starting with age education early to college there are no fundamental differences. Difference in the significance lies in vocational education. Vocational education in Thailand applying 5 (five) years study period in which graduates are equivalent to graduates diploma 2 years while applying vocational education in Thailand study period is 3 (three) years.

Therefore, in Thailand, there are no known universities in various countries. universities in Thailand act as institutions as long-life learning ’or institutions that provide certificates for certain skills, such as weld, sew, etc. Thailand also applies 9-year compulsory education, as in Other Countries, but free education is provided until high school graduates.

Education System in Thailand

Thailand’s education system applies 9-year compulsory education, with 12 years of free education to complete secondary school education.

In Thailand which generally consists of:

3 years (Anuban) or kindergarten

6 years (Prathom) elementary school, currently (Prathom) is famous in Thailand is St. Andrews International School, Dusit. For more information about this school, you can visit the site https://www.standrewsdusit.com

6 years (Mattayom) junior and senior high school, vocational education and higher education.

Compulsory education in Thailand implements the requirement for children to start school at (Prathom) 1 or grade 1 primary school starting at the age of 6 years. Although there is no obligation for children to join (Anuban) Kindergarten. Before entering elementary school, most parents send their children to enter … Read More

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6 Critical skills for Effective Global Leadership

When it comes to global leadership, it helps in managing a business globally where the cultural, legal, and economic systems are different. It’s also about knowing how to operate in various environments while aiming to achieve a common organizational goal.

Having the necessary global leadership skills are crucial in increasingly complex markets because these skills will enable you to achieve a particular goal in the organization. So what makes one a great global leader? Well the following are some of the critical skills that a global leader must possess.

  1. Ability to communicate effectively

This is one of the most critical skills that a global leader should have. A global leader must understand the importance of communication. You might have the best ideas, but if you don’t communicate well, then you cannot do anything with them. Poor communication can make you not progress in any career especially in global leadership.

  • Inquisitiveness

A global leader should be open to new experiences. For a global leader to become familiar with a particular culture in other countries, they should be able to suspend criticism or opinion. Most of these global leaders when in a new country tend to seek out new experiences. They want to try the local cuisine, not the internationalized cuisine at a five-star hotel that they are used to. They also try to talk to the locals or even read the local newspaper.

  • Ability to deal with numerous perspectives and ambiguity

Dealing with numerous perspectives and ambiguity is something that occurs … Read More