How digital marketing can transform your career?

Digital marketing is the new buzzword in the corporate sector with more and more businesses relying on it for promoting their products and reaching out to people all across the world. With new technology and social media platforms coming to the forefront every now and then, it has become easier for the companies to spread awareness about their product and get feedback which is essential for their growth. Digital marketing as a profession is a rewarding one and there is a lot of scope and job opportunities in this sector as it is a start state and is developing with a good pace.

There are several profiles in digital marketing from which you can go for the one that suits your skills and

  1. Data Marketing Executive

The first ever designation that you would get once you have entered the digital marketing industry is that of an executive- be it related to content management, social media, SEO. At the primary stage you are made to learn about analysis, testing, as well researching about the strategies that would create an influence on the audiences.

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist


After one or two years of experience, you would be promoted as a specialist depending upon your skills. At this stage you must be aware of some of the advanced technologies such as SEO or SEM. Most of the work would be independent in this case as you would be required to develop strategies all by yourself and may even work under a manager who would guide you through the process.



  1. Digital Marketing Manager


Just after three to four years of experience, you might shift to working as a team lead or the digital marketing manager where you would be required to guide the team of recruits and develop new ideas and strategies for a particular project. The responsibility of an entire project would come under you at this point of time. As a manager you would have to make sure that the developed strategies work well for a particular project and lead to its success.


  1. Digital Marketing Analyst

This profile particularly is open for those individuals who have experience in working for SEO, SEM, and SMM.  The challenges at this particular position would range from that of analytical as well as strategic roles. You might have to guide several team for different projects and come up with solutions that would benefit the business at large.

  1. Digital Marketing Head


Companies that primarily work in the digital marketing area have such roles to offer and it is the senior most position that one can reach in this profession. The entire marketing function lies under the marketing head and he/she would be responsible for making some of the most crucial decisions in this aspect.

There is no sector left untouched with digital marketing – be it healthcare, tourism, or even real estate, almost every industry is now focusing towards creating digital presence so as to introduce their products to the people. You can always choose to go for the industry that you are interested in and build your profile around that. If you are new to this field, then it is would be better that start assigning yourself personal projects so that you have some work to show to the recruiters, as having the right skills are extremely important for seeking a particular job. On the other hand, if you are slightly experienced, then it is expected from you to keeping working on new technologies and learn new terminologies and tools that keep coming in the market.